10 September 2015

Kolkakkerbuurt Ede selection won

Kolkakkerbuurt Ede selection won

Inbo won the selection of Woonstede for designing the urban plan for the redevelopment of the Kolkakkerbuurt in Ede with approx. 150 houses. The Kolkakkerbuurt is one of the first town extensions of Ede and has a certain ‘garden city’ monumental value. Part of our assignment is to bring back this garden city atmosphere in the renewed Kolkakkerbuurt.

This assignment will be tackled in an open project process together with client Woonstede and especially the current residents of the Kolkakkerbuurt. To us it is important to meet and question the current residents about their wishes for the renewed neighbourhood.

The first acquaintance with the residents took place in an excursion to another redeveloped area in Ede Oud Zuid, on Saturday the 29th of August. Soon we will visit the Kolkakkerbuurt together with the residents and we will organise a brainstorm session about the urban plan. With this we hope to define the first outlines of the Kolkakkerbuurt, that will lead to an urban vision. A fully completed and widely supported urban plan is expected to be delivered at the end of December. 

More information: Arnold Meijer, Frank Maas