10 September 2015

First Villa Trijntje Wiel completed

First Villa Trijntje Wiel completed

The first of three villa’s on water estate Trijntje Wiel was completed in the beginning of this year. The three villa’s form an architectural unity, oriented on the water and mutually connected by a garden wall. This garden wall guarantees the privacy, that characterizes country estates. The flowing lines of the villa’s anchor the architecture into the landscape.

Trijntje Wiel is a new nature- and water estate in the Dutch province Friesland that is developed by Inbo together with NoordPeil landscape & urban design. The new estate will be transformed from an intensive into an extensive cattle estate. A part of it is intended for private use only, the rest of the grounds will have publi access with a recreational and educational function. The canal, alongside which the houses are situated, connects the town of Joure to the Langweerderwielen and the further along situated Sneekermeer.

The residents of the first villa have now been living there for a half year and are very satisfied and happy with their new home. They enjoy the wide view over the meadows and the private waters situated at the Zeilroede. Next to the living spaces, the villa also contains a practice, an extra spacious garage and a boathouse. The upper floor was set up as a guesthouse.

The exterior as well as the interior of the houses are meticulously elaborated. On the inside with austere white marble, white plaster and red cedar panelling. The garden wall, the practice and the guesthouse are made out of rough red bricks. They enhance the contrast of the light and open house with the heavy garden walls.

Project Trijntje Wiel in Joure

More information: Eerde Schippers