10 September 2015

Clear and firm

Clear and firm

A design for a long-lasting building, starts with a clear structure. Whether it concerns a house, a care facility, an office or a school building, drawing a good floor plan is an art at all levels. An art that proves its value; every time again the robust structure turns out to be the reason for choosing a project made by Inbo. Like the new Science Campus we designed for the University of Leiden, where the clear and thought-through structure with which we won the tender, proves decisive for the usability, future reliability and feasibility of the plan. And more important: our buildings turn out to prove their value over time, as they have been designed to function well.

It seems easy to design a good floor plan, but anyone who tried it, knows it is truly difficult. Requirements increasing in complexity, specific target groups, changing legislation, complex processes and a changing market all keep turning it into a complicated puzzle. In all our projects we keep looking for clear structures that make buildings flexible and future-proof. And most of all: pleasant to live and work in. 

The stories in this newsletter illustrate how we not just focus on designing a beautiful façade or spectacular details, but moreover on creating buildings that are accessible, that offer space to the residents and that provide them with a pleasant atmosphere.  

Best regards,
Bert van Breugel
Tako Postma