10 September 2015

Centre Plan Nieuw-Vossemeer in use

Centre Plan Nieuw-Vossemeer in use

Nieuw-Vossemeer is a friendly and quiet village in the utmost west end of the Dutch province Noord-Brabant. Just before the summer the multifunctional residential and care centre De Vossemeren was put to use here. 24 life-proof houses and a new complex of four group houses for the Tante Louise-Vivensis foundation, a GP-centre, a library and a recreation room. It’s a brand new complex that, together with other facilities, is part of the new central town square and allows elderly in need of care to live in their trusted surroundings for a longer time.

The plan exists of a public and dynamic square, a quiet and serene courtyard and enclosed private courts for the residents. With a diverse building mass and building shapes of two layers and a roof, the new development and its scale and architecture fit perfectly into the village. Modest architecture, craftsmanship and austere details were the fundamental idea for the building. Inspiration for clustering the houses, the design and differentiation of the public spaces, their underlying relations and passages, was taken from the authentic beguinage.

The new construction also offers an answer to the future. Together with a high sustainability ambition the new construction precedes the possible changes in the market. The one-floor houses are also suitable for starters and the residential-care centre can be changed into earthbound houses.

- Project Nieuw-Vossenmeer

More information:
Hans Toornstra, Frank Zewald