10 March 2015

The power of architecture

The power of architecture

Recently we were invited by Architectenweb to give a lecture at their housing seminar about our designs for the residential towers at the Zuidas. At first this is an extraordinary question; to ask us to lecture about high-rise in a flat country like ours, in a time of frail recovery from the crisis. Though at our arrival at the building fair this question seemed to be very clever; all participants of the congress appeared to be exceptionally undertaking designers, which were all, in very diverse ways, working on realizing new residential areas for a whole new target group: a community choosing to live together in the same building. Architecture turned out to play a key role in setting up this specific urban group in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Beirut or New York. The tower became an expression of a lifestyle, perhaps even a ‘brand’. 

Such a gathering again points out that we need to prove the force of architecture once more. If we keep waiting for someone to order beauty, the end of our fine profession is near.

This is also proved by our selection of news messages for this month. Together with Culd, Deerns, Pieters Bouwtechniek and DGMR we acquired the beautiful assignment for a new knowledge- and education campus for NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. In a meeting we discussed with the client intensively on how they could use their limited budget in the most effective way. This discussion was guided by our inspiring model of the whole area and the existing buildings, so the conversation wouldn’t be about the money, but about the quality of the location.

Another nice example is the letter we received from the Human Resources Manager of our client De Heus, in which she literally links the award they received for being an excellent employer to the interiors we have designed for them. Adriënne Kolen tells us about it enthusiastically.

Spread the word: hiring designers isn’t always obvious, but it naturally leads to relevant successes!

Kind regards,
Bert van Breugel en Tako Postma