10 March 2015

Selection Bosackers Assen won

Selection Bosackers Assen won

GGZ Drenthe and Icare, two care institutes in the North of the Netherlands, organized a selection for 64 newly built care apartments in Assen, combined with an apartment block in a next phase. Thanks to our vision on the future value and sustainable property value of the building, Inbo was selected out of four contesting companies.

At the beautiful site, at the edge of the 17th century Asser Bos, now lies an elongated building from the sixties, which will be demolished. In our proposal we replace the existing building by two compact buildings, by which the view on the forest will be restored and a new connection to the forest can be made.

The two buildings are designed as ‘residences’, with lovely brickwork that ages beautifully. The ‘total value of ownership’ primarily comes to expression in the architectural appearance of the distinguished residential buildings, with which we realize a durable high property value. In addition the flexibility inside the building contributes to a sustainable future; in the future the care apartments can easily be transformed into larger dwellings.

More information: Jacques Prins