10 March 2015

International NHTV education campus

International NHTV education campus

Together with Culd, Deerns, Pieters and DGMR Inbo has won the tender for realizing a new vibrant, world-class knowledge- and education campus for the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. By buying a beautiful convent NHTV created the possibility to join all 7500 students from her five academies at one central location. Here we will create a lively, cross-cultural campus, that will further enhance NHTV’s image as a top institute in knowledge development and higher education, both nationally and internationally.

Clever and ambitious
The tender of NHTV and contracting authority Brink Groep was clever and ambitious. It contained a very open question and at the same time a clear image of the desired process and result. The team of Inbo, Culd, Deerns, Pieters en DGMR managed to distinguish itself from other leading companies, by having a customized team, a user based approach and an exhilarating presentation in the shape of a brainstorm session.

Dynamic and interactive
The Plan of Approach exists out of maximal user participation ánd maximum costs control. A dynamic and interactive process, with much participation and clear conclusions, and a design team that takes care of the process ‘behind the scenes’. The presentation gave a sneak preview into this approach; guided by our huge model of the existing buildings and grounds we showed the opportunities and made clear why making clear choices is necessary.

Enthusiastic and energetic
Our presentation underlined the enthusiasm and energy of the team. With this we perfectly match with the NHTV project team, which has shown us enormous commitment and a positive drive. In the coming time our joined energy will therefore be put into a flying start with great enthusiasm; around next summer the basic layout needs to be finished and we define the ‘DNA’ of the new NHTV Campus. The application for building permission will be submitted in spring 2016.
More information: Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik