10 March 2015

Completion Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

Completion Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

On Friday the 20th of February the new building of the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE) was completed; a transparent and welcoming building that adds a vibrant heart to the school. The intensive cooperation during the design- and build process has led to a design that pleases the school very much.

The existing building of the CHE was opened up by a couple of interventions. The atrium has been enlarged and a window has been added, looking out over the surrounding area. By linking the atrium to the new entrance foyer an inner street has been created where education, interaction and relaxation meet in a natural way. De new glass expansion, which will accommodate two academies and general educational areas, is linked to the existing building by a boardwalk.

The CHE is centrally situated in an area that is being developed as the Knowledge Campus of Ede. The design of the grounds creates room for interaction in a relaxed and green environment, typical for a genuine campus. With this design the CHE enhances the image of Ede as an education city and the school becomes leader in the development of the Knowledge Campus.   

The school was put into use on the 2nd of March.

More information: Jeroen Simons, Maarten Hooijmeijer, Mark Bollen