09 July 2015

From design to construction with BIM

From design to construction with BIM

The engineering of the new Rabobank in Eindhoven, a design by UN Studio, marks the new way of cooperation between consultants and construction workers. Where the relation between designing and construction companies in the past may have been based on distrust, the integral and simultaneous cooperation in BIM leads to increasing trust in each other’s work, higher speed, more insight and less mistakes – in design as well as in construction. 

Starting from the design development phase all concerned parties have cooperated on the engineering of the new Rabobank. The linked 3D models of Pieters Bouwtechniek (construction), Homij (installations) and Inbo (architectural engineering and coordination) provided all parties insight in the use of space of each discipline. The optimal alignment in the BIM model was further enhanced by working together at set days in a special project space at Inbo. Also the client OVG and the contractor VolkerWessels delivered their input, whereby a solid contract could be produced within the planning and the budget.

Since January the same team has been cooperating on the construction model on site. During this phase, the emphasis lies for 100% on the correct modelling of all geometry. The 3D models of co-creators, for instance amongst others prefab concrete, steelworks, façade frames, façade cowling and ceramic façade elements, are checked in relation to each other and in Solibri, and subsequently combined in the assembly model. 

By integrated cooperation we can see a shift from reviewing paper drawings to supervision and alignment in BIM. This way the BIM model is the central source of information and is always up to date. Cooperating makes the process faster, better and more fun!  
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More information: Wilco van Gils, Johan de Graaf