09 July 2015

Construction Dentistry Nijmegen started

Construction Dentistry Nijmegen started

Together with Deerns (installations and sustainability), Croes (construction) and Facilicom (operations, maintenance and facility management) Inbo has, as architect and Total Engineer, designed the renovation of the Dentistry Faculty; part of the Medical Sciences Faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. The project was completely drawn up in 3D in Revit. Thereby very specific information was added to the model, based on the required input. In this way drawings destined for the national building decree and the space finishing-schedule were generated directly from the model.

As a result of the tender the construction consortium Van Wijnen Trebbe Kuijpers was selected in December 2014 as the most economically advantageous tenderer. In the past period and under commission of the building consortium Dentistry, Inbo and Croes have developed the 3D BIM model into a full-fledged technical design. The great advantage of working in BIM at this stadium, is the possibility to discuss and solve bottlenecks together, guided by weekly clash controls performed by Kuijpers.

The newly renovated Dentistry building will become the place for meeting as well as concentration and gatekeeper of the Radboud University Campus. The building will have new facades, a new central atrium and new installations. The building plinth will be renewed and become inviting. The routing and logistics will be strongly enhanced for every user group. Following the Duurzame Kans work procedures, developed by Inbo and Deerns, the building will experience a transition in sustainability that focusses on saving energy, increasing comfort and a contemporary look and feel.

The high class renovation will be divided into phases, so that education, research and the treatment of patients can continue during renovation activities. The first phase officially commenced on the 3rd of July 2015 and will be completed before the start of the academic year. Phase 2 will follow in one year.  

More information: Jeroen Simons, Ben van der Wal