09 July 2015

Clever management by BIM

Clever management by BIM

Thanks to the enhanced integration and optimisation of design and construction, the attention for building management and maintenance increases. The ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) – or rather ‘Total Value of Ownership’ – becomes more important than the initial costs. And that’s a good thing, since the exploitation costs of buildings are now on the average five to ten times higher than the building costs. Great profits can still be gained here. 

Many clients have different departments for construction and maintenance. At the point of transmission a lot of information gets lost. In the realisation-phase insufficient attention is paid to the correctness and usability of information for building management. Facility managers spend up to 30% of their time looking for the right and accurate documents. This can be done easier, and better.

Intelligent BIM models can help improve the comprehensibility of real estate. Not only for newly built constructions, but especially also for existing buildings. A 3D visualisation makes building components easily identifiable and enables volumes to be extracted from the model. The link to (facility management) software provides additional possibilities for the management of general and technical services and real estate. By linking the building itself to the ‘internet of things’ the functioning of a building can also be monitored. This gives us useful information on the use and management and furthermore has a predictive value. 

Inbo produces BIM models for the management of, amongst others, the Ministries of Safety and Justice and Internal and Kingdom Relations, the new construction and renovation of the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede and for a large care institute. We apply our gained knowledge into new projects, in order to truly design on the total lifecycle of buildings. For us, attention for building management doesn’t start after construction, but is an important design discipline from the beginning of the design process on.   

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More information: Josine van Gulik, Peter Mantel