09 July 2015

BIM as Building Innovation Engine

BIM as Building Innovation Engine

Working in Building Information Modelling (BIM) is complicated and fun at the same time. With the help of 3D models new ways of cooperation occur, that stimulate innovation in the building industry. BIM is the building-innovation-engine.

Cooperation is the new standard: cooperation has at all levels become the way to help parties in the building industry innovate. Where we previously reviewed by sending each other drawings, we can now really work together and use 3D simulations to see how different elements of a building can be fitted together in a better way or strengthen each other.

This way of working, searching for innovation, can be seen at Inbo in all phases of the design-, construction- and maintenance process. Together with all large construction- and development companies we work on new ways of making the design, construction and maintenance process smoother, more enjoyable and more affordable. This brings us interesting results.

With Nijhuis we work on the development of a competitively priced building process with a clever process of preparation, whereby a great variety of houses can be built. Roy Wallet explains why after many years this still is a pleasant challenge.

Together with Stam + de Koning we are responsible for the integrated BIM model of Space S, 400 apartments at Strijp S in Eindhoven. In our joint construction agency our Reviteers work together with Stam + de Koning on the construction- and work preparation on site.

With KlokBouwOntwikkeling we work on a complex housing assignment in Nijmegen. For them we produce detailed construction drawings ‘new style’: demand driven drawings with exactly the information that is needed at the building site.

With Heijmans we work on a continuous flow of new housing projects. In a clear process we can produce good, varied, energy efficient and complete houses for a sharp price.

For the last couple of years Inbo has consequently claimed that innovation in construction can only arise when all parties, that proceed one another in a traditional building process, truly cooperate. We preferably literally work in the same physical space, always in a joint 3D model. We see the result of this contribute to the quality of our products in various ways. Our appetite for BIM certainly keeps growing! 

First we’ll go on a holiday. Our office is closed from July 27th until August 7th. We wish everyone a beautiful summer!

Best regards,

Bert van Breugel
Tako Postma