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It is also much more enjoyable together

Inbo’s Mark Bollen is the contract supervisor during the construction of the Maria Montessori Building (Radboud University). The new accommodation of the Faculty of Social Sciences (26,000 m²) was designed by Inbo. In this project, Mark is looking after the university’s interests. In the past, it was not extraordinary for an architectural firm to act as contract supervisor; over time, it has become less common, but it certainly has its advantages. Tom Bongers, Construction & Engineering manager at the Berghege construction company can name them:

‘It is a great advantage that Mark was involved in the design phase and is now involved in the execution phase as well. It means that information does not need to be transferred from the architect to the contract supervisor, and the knowledge specific for this project is retained. The initial phase of the execution is always hectic, but it is crucial for the further construction process. Mark holds a great deal of knowledge. An optimal collaboration between the construction team and the design team allows us to minimise the risks for all parties before we start the building process. I feel like there is a commitment between the two teams; this means that we were able to make good agreements regarding the planning and provision of data, as well as regarding the choices concerning the structural engineering and the construction site logistics.’

‘Our team focuses on a professional execution within the set frames for time, quality, safety, sustainability and costs. During the execution phase, we can always discuss these aspects with Mark, who looks at these items from a different perspective. We have struck a great balance, which allows us to rapidly make the right decisions. This was the case for the façade frames, for example; an iconic part of the building. In close consultation, we found an optimum between budget, quality, sustainability and maintenance. I am convinced that the final result will be something we can all be proud of.’

‘I really like Mark’s participation as contract supervisor during the construction meetings, thematical discussions and screening sessions. When the right people are present during these consultations, we can make decisions on the spot. Mark is the central point of the network, which results in an optimum communication and collaboration.’

In this project, construction company Berghege works in a consortium with Heerkens van Bavel (structural part) and Croonwolter&dros (installation technological part). The new building should be completed in two years. 

- Maria Montessoiribuilding, Nijmegen

Further information: Mark Bollen