Dec 2018 - Honest chocolate

Turned towards the IJ

Diagonally across the river from Amsterdam’s Houthaven neighbourhood, five new buildings from the hands of three different architects will be erected. Each of these a design that in itself fits within this beautiful location, from which one has a wide view over the capital. A team of engineers at Inbo is currently merging the plans into a whole.

A considerable constructive challenge, as the buildings are not just different in nature, each one also has a high level of ambition. The outer façades are extremes. One design has been provided with unequivocal aluminium frames and large sets of glass (Powerhouse Company). Another has spacious balconies with artistic panels (NEXT-Architects). In between the two is a design whose upper part of the façade is built of COR-TEN steel and lower part of white concrete (Orange-Architects). An ingenious gutter will prevent water from leaking over this edifice.

Needless to say, the view will be one of the primary assets of the apartments. But to achieve the best view, the buildings will not be put at an obvious angle relative to the garage below. The shape and position of the garage had already been fixed in the urban plan. Eventually, the buildings will be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees over the parking spaces. Another challenge for Piet van der Ploeg and his team.

Besides the five buildings, the project also encompasses a small pavilion that will be built from re-used materials. The rafters and concrete roof panels that will be used are currently still supporting a factory hall near the Cruquius in the Eastern Docklands. The function of this circular pavilion will be determined as the development progresses; it might become a coffee bar, or perhaps an exposition space. The construction of the garage is expected to start in January 2020. Waterfront/Noorderkaap is a project of the development consortium Kop Grasweg CV, a collaboration between Hurks and Amvest

Further information: Piet van der Ploeg