Dec 2018 - Honest chocolate

Sweeping views from street to sky

The Amstel III business park will be undergoing a rigorous transformation into a mixed-use urban neighbourhood. Positioned right next to the Bullewijk metro station, the highest residential tower of the renewed urban quarter will mark the spot from miles away.

karspeldreef teaser2

This landmark design by Inbo will peak at 103m, covering 33 floors and housing 306 homes on its way up. The brief was to design a residential tower with an inherently ‘South-East’ vibe, distancing the development from the slick high-rises of the Zuidas business district. The eye-catching design reflects the unpolished urban qualities of the area, making a bold statement at street level and high above. Concrete and fired clay bricks combine in an expressive framework stretching out well above the surrounding developments. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glazed balconies provide sweeping views from street to sky, giving a penthouse vibe even to the smallest apartments.

The socially relevant and diverse programming of the double-height plinth brings a much-welcome buzz to the street level and sets the tone for a contemporary pedestrian-friendly quarter. Immediately recognisable as a residential development, the new high-rise connects with the Bijlmer neighbourhood across the rail tracks. 

Rik Bakker and Kevin Battarbee (Inbo) developed the urban concept of the mixed-use block and the architectural design of the tower. Visible from afar, the high-rise forms a prominent point of reference for the whole area. The building is a showcase of comfortable and exhilarating city living, where the ambition is to create a community experience. All residents can share the thrill of the view from the communal sky garden 80 meters above street level, making the exclusivity of high-rise living a commodity for all. 

The city of Amsterdam has ambitious plans for revitalising Amstel III. The current monoculture of office buildings surrounded by extensive but closed-off parking lots will give way to a dynamic mix of housing, workspaces, and amenities. The public domain will follow suit with an upgrade of foot- and cycle paths, urban greenery and recreational spaces. 

The plot development consists of four buildings, each claiming one street corner. Two higher residential quadrants, designed by Inbo and Dam & Partners respectively, alternate with two low-rise office buildings by MVSA Architects.

The urban ensemble, developed by Inbo, combines high density with spaciousness and comfort. Sunshine is allowed to penetrate deep into the block, while volume design limiting drop winds secures the usability of the residential balconies and terraces. 

The site is currently occupied by two office buildings dating back to the late 1980s, one of the very first developments by our client G&S Vastgoed. The existing buildings will be harvested, with some materials returning to the site for a second run at life in the new development. Circular material use is taken seriously, with new technology being employed to break down concrete back to its prime ingredients. “Every bit counts”, Rik and Kevin agree. “It all comes down to a mind-set of responsible and sustainable architectural ambition”.

Further information: Rik BakkerKevin Battarbee