Dec 2017 - Urban development enriches

Living at the water in Veenderij

On the east side of Veenendaal, where the Utrechtse Heuvelrug merges into the Gelderse Vallei, the new-build location Veenderij is located. Here arises a residential area with a village-like look and a watery character. Veenderij was set up as an archipelago. 

Inbo, commissioned by Ontwikkelingsingsbedrijf Veenendaal-Oost, is working on the urban plan for six islands, with a total of about 400 homes. The islands differ in size and character. The centre island has the highest building density and has the profile of a village centre. Across the other islands, the building density gradually decreases to a green, rural character. All islands have a varied residential program. The first island is currently being realized. The construction of the other islands will start in 2018. 

More information: Menno Moerman