Dec 2017 - Urban development enriches

Development Coastal Zone Almere Haven

As a follow-up to three scenarios in 2016 and on the basis of an extensive participation program with residents, entrepreneurs and associations from Almere Haven, the college of Mayor and Alderman agreed with the Development Plan for the Coastal Zone of Almere Haven. 

In the development plan the recreational possibilities of this 'symbol of Almere Haven' are being strengthened. For example, a walking route from the centre through the area will be made and the accesses over the dike will get an upgrade. By moving the scouting, the rescue brigade and the canoe club to the surf beach and the “kids forest”, the area is also getting enlivened. The ambition is to give the surf club, which successfully trains (inter)national talents, a better accommodation and thus become a location for international competitions. About 240 homes will be built around the marina and at the head of the Gooimeer and there will be room for a hotel and residential recreation. 

In 2016, Inbo conducted research into the development opportunities. The proposed scenario has now been developed by the municipality into the development plan. The participation process, with a number of well attended information meetings, a working visit to reference projects, the formation of a participation group and various meetings with this group, was organized by Inbo. Despite divergent interests (from local residents, associations from the area, residents and entrepreneurs from the district), a proposal was made that has broad support. 

If the city council adopts the development plan in January 2018, a breakthrough has been reached after years of research, consultation and earlier plans. 

- Project Kuststrook Almere Haven

More information: Guido Wallagh, Coen HermansJoris van Loenhout