Dec 2017 - Urban development enriches

Redevelopment Officier's casino

In the village center of Soesterberg there is the national monument Officierscasino (officer’s casino), a residential complex / accommodation building from the 80’s and paved parking lots. These buildings are surrounded by greenery and trees. Land and buildings together have a surface area of ​​almost 25,000 m².  

The Central Government Real Estate Agency will sell the site and the buildings and, together with the municipality of Soest, has formulated the frameworks for redevelopment. Part of this so-called 'bid book' is the Memorandum of Principles. 

This Memorandum of Principles sets out the planning, cultural-historical, programmatic and spatial-urban framework within which the redevelopment can take place. Based on urban strategic analyses, workshops and meetings with the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the municipality of Soest Inbo made a map of boundary conditions. Because of the monumental status of the Officierscasino the Committee of Spatial Quality , the Chief Government Architect and the National Cultural Heritage Agency are also involved. The map of boundary conditions summarizes the (cultural-historical and urban development) values ​​and (programmatic and spatial) possibilities. In the further substantiation of this map you can find what spatially relevant policy is, which cultural-historical, programmatic and spatial principles are used and which follow-up steps are being provided in the procedure. 

On November 29, 2017, an information evening was organized about the Memorandum of Principles. It is expected that the sales process will start at the beginning of 2018. 

More information: Guido WallaghJasper Ravestijn