Dec 2017 - Urban development enriches

New village centre Berkel-Enschot

A special metamorphosis takes place in the middle of Berkel-Enschot. The new village centre for Berkel-Enschot will be realized on the grounds and buildings of the monumental Abbey Koningsoord. On September 30, 2017, the official opening of the main building of the Abbey took place. 

The main building offers space for cultural centre the Schalm, the library, a daycare, the music school, a number of multifunctional rooms, a restaurant and about 50 houses. Opposite the Abbey a lot of work is being done on the new shopping centre Koningsoord. Around the village centre, small-scale residential neighbourhoods are being developed on the former acres of the Abbey. The residential neighbourhoods have been carefully integrated into the valuable historical green structures and are interconnected by a dense network of paths, with references to the special history of the Abbey grounds. 

Inbo designed the urban plan for Koningsoord as a whole and the allotment and lay out plans of various residential neighbourhoods. Currently we are working on the lay out plan for the village centre. It is special to see this plan steadily becoming reality after a long run-up. 

- Project Kooningsoord in Berkel-Enschot

More information: Menno Moerman