Dec 2017 - Urban development enriches

Geworteld Wonen on Yearbook cover

In the Dutch Yearbook of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism 2017, our project Geworteld Wonen (Living Rooted) is one of the 19 selected projects in the book. As a motivation for the selection is given: "This Rijswijk project is an initiative of Inbo, that looked for alternative forms of housing development during the economic crisis. Together with residents it designed the spatial layout and the houses. The realized quality of living and the close community feeling are proof that this type of development - in this case collectively private commissioning - enormously enriches urban development." 

On the site of the former country seat Sion, located in the sustainable and gas-free residential area of ​​Rijswijk Buiten, a 21st-century estate has been developed on a site of 1.5 hectares. The 27 ground-based houses, of which each one is different, have now been inhabited. Part of the outdoor space - with collective facilities such as a vegetable garden, greenhouse and shed - have already been set up. The main house, a complex with 16 apartments and 4 penthouses in various sizes and layouts, is under construction and will be completed in the spring of 2018. 

Geworteld Wonen bridges the gap between the rich residential and horticultural history of the location and the high sustainability level of the neighbouring newly built residential area. 

Inbo conducted research into the estate history of the location, developed the urban plan together with the residents, Beyond Now and contractors Dura Vermeer and Van Wijnen Stolwijk, designed the houses and apartments and coordinated the process.

- Geworteld Wonen on cover Yearbook
- Artikel Geworteld Wonen in Yearbook

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan