Dec 2016 - Stimulating educational buildings

VU Faculty Building South Axis

We congratulate Cepezed with the contract for the engineering of the research building for VU University in Amsterdam. Although it's always frustrating to finish second in a European tender, we are still proud of this result. 

The VU moves to the other side of the De Boelelaan with a very ambitious plan: the university campus will be part of a unified city with offices, housing and other educational buildings. Together with this faculty it forms the launch of the Knowledge Quarter, in a very high density. 

In that circumstance, a university building designed as a tower will be built here. The university asked for a vision of the structure of an educational building with laboratory and office functions, in a highly urban area and with the feeling of the Zuidas. Thereby our experience as a designer of the Knowledge Quarter on the South Axis, comparable faculty buildings and apartment towers on the Zuidas was very useful in this. After all there were a lot of questions to answer. How to save your hazardous substances on a building that has no backside? How do you store the bikes of so many students? And also: how do you create an inspiring educational and research environment, in a 60 meter high building, where people can meet and inspire each other in a natural way? 

In this European tender we delved into those aspects even further, in particular by working on the adhesion of the faculty to this new part of the city, both spatially and functionally. We are proud that we have received a lot of appreciation for that. It’s a pity we scored just too little to get the job. But we are sure our colleagues will make a great building!

More information: Hans Toornstra, Rik Bakker, Kevin Battarbee