Dec 2016 - Stimulating educational buildings

Engineering of NHTV campus starts

On November 30, Nico van Os, member of the Executive Board of NHTV and chairman of the steering committee NHTV Campus, and Eric Smeets, director of Mertens Bouwbedrijf, signed the Engineer & Build contract for the renovation of a monastery for NHTV. The renovation is the first step in the realization of the NHTV Campus, a dynamic, green and high-quality learning and working environment of international stature, designed by a Total Engineering Team led by Inbo and Culd.

With the new campus NHTV concentrates all its activities - currently based on different locations in Breda - in one place. Thea Sambeeck, project manager on behalf of NHTV for the entire campus, explains why: "At NHTV we have a lot of knowledge. Our ambition is to strengthen that knowledge by adding the four sites into one campus. A campus with space for both study and relaxation. With places where students and staff can meet one another and where interesting crossovers can arise."

"The monastery will soon become one of the major hot spots within the campus" says Josine van Gulik, partner at Inbo and closely involved in the project as from the beginning. "Two of the existing courtyards will be covered with a new roof. By that we add a lot of square meters and a totally different experience to the monastery. With a restaurant, library, coffee shop and academy spaces this is where the buzz will be; the new atria will become THE place to meet. "

Mertens immediately starts with the engineering. In May 2017 the last nuns will leave the monastery and NHTV will get the building at its disposal. A year later, the renovation should be finished on time for the start of the new academic year. Then the realization of the campus will be continued with the renovation of the other two buildings, which are currently being tendered. The realization of the campus grounds is phased along with the buildings.

Thea Sambeeck has a simple, but not a less ambitious target for the new campus NHTV: "Happier and more successful students and workers. And also in that order, because happy people naturally perform more successful."

- Project Onderwijscampus NHTV, Breda

More information: Josine van Gulik, Bert van Breugel