Dec 2016 - Stimulating educational buildings

A school for the neighborhood

It seems only yesterday that 350 pupils together formed the outlines of their new primary school De Akkers to celebrate the start of construction. Now half a year later contractor Hegeman Noord started the masonry and the completion is in full swing. Meanwhile, the pupils think about the schoolyard; on a building panel they may propose their ideas, some of which will be realized.

The involvement of pupils is illustrative for the creation of the new school building of De Akkers in Heerenveen. After Hegeman Noord and Inbo won the Design & Build tender, in a number of interactive sessions the design was adapted to the individual needs of the users of the two schools that will be housed in it. The interior was thus designed together: a neutral base in which accents of color and materials give a unique characteristic to different places in the school.

The new school consists several 'houses', connected by a roofed learning street. Therewith the schools each have their own identity and recognizable place within the whole. Above that, with this articulation we make a the big volume seem smaller to better fit the school into the size and scale of the surrounding buildings. Especially the central learning street inside, from which all classrooms are accessible, is characteristic for De Akkers. Creating open and flexible classrooms on the learning street was a specific user desire, which was added after winning the selection of the design.

The layout of the school takes into account the closure of certain parts so that (parts of) the building can be used outside of school hours. The school will also get a community center, kindergarten, daycare and gym. The Akkers really is a building in and for the neighborhood, where young and old are welcome.

- Project Basissschool De Akkers, Heerenveen

More information: Trude de Vroomen, Olof Schonewille