Dec 2016 - Stimulating educational buildings

Walking into the future

In February this year we told you in this newsletter about the completion of the first phase of the new Science Campus of the University of Leiden. "A bright, high-tech space, which by its sophisticated balance feels very inviting and comfortable, designed to organize meetings between the various users," we then wrote about the building.

After months of decoration and moving in the building is now fully occupied by students. Of course we were curious whether or not the building works and feels as we had planned. Colleague Michiel Greeve went to Leiden and interviewed students in 'their' new study environment. Whether it is because of the dark, existing building that – until realization of the second building phase – still forms the entrance to the new building; students experience the new Science Campus as pleasant, open and light. "As if I’m walking into the future," one student said. A great compliment to our colleague architect JHK and us!

- Project Bèta Campus, University of Leiden

More information: Hans Toornstra