New board member: Josine van Gulik

In addition to the people and projects that she manages within our Engineering team in Woudenberg, the focus of Josine van Gulik will be, as a part-time director, on business development: new techniques and new ways of working together.

For Josine, engineering is more than translating a sketch into a buildable drawing. With her broad interests and analytical and critical eye, Josine has a talent to use the technology of tomorrow for our work of today. Naturally, she explains the relationship between form, content, technology and sustainability and works with international top agencies such as BIG, Boeri and Winhov. Josine has a broad network and customers recognize her strength to raise the ambition level even higher. When Josine is at the table, everyone realizes that together we will make a smarter process and a better product.

Josine van Gulik (1978) started in 2007 as a project leader at Inbo, combined with business development since 2012. She has been a partner at Inbo since 1 June 2016, and partner-director from 1 April 2018.

More information: Josine van Gulik