New board member: Aron Bogers

Aron Bogers will, in addition to his responsibility for the people and the projects in our office in Eindhoven, be part-time director with a focus on our most important capital: the people of Inbo. Aron will focus on the energy of the people, help them to get the best out of themselves and further develop talents that can contribute to our success.

Aron is a passionate energetic architect and a fast strategic thinker, always looking for the relevance of his designs and choices that he can explain to his children. Like no other, he is able to translate current social themes into beautiful and functional buildings in his projects. Aron gives energy as a team player. Whether it is with customers, colleagues or residents, Aron always has a sharp eye and attention to the people around him. This leads to special projects, such as Space-S, which is nominated for Building of the Year 2018.

Aron Bogers (1971) has been working as an architect at Inbo Eindhoven since 1998. He has been a partner of Inbo since 1 January 2010, as from 1 April 2018 he is partner-director.

More information: Aron Bogers