Geoscience building completed

The new Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University feels good from the moment you enter the building. The building is a total design in which the building architecture, the interior, the lighting design and the interior design reinforce each other to form a coherent spatial whole. The interior has been designed with love and attention for details, material choices are subdued and seemingly self-evident.

The design concept of the building is inspired by its users: geological concepts such as differences in stratification, shift of earth layers and texture differences are reflected in the layered façade structure. The interior also refers to the discipline, for instance in the use of historical and seismological maps and the course of the Rhine-Meuse delta into felt-covered acoustic panels.

Voids promote a spacious feel and contact between users. By turning the voids a quarter of a turn, pleasant double high meeting places have been realized. We carefully chose furniture that stimulates the user in his behavior: relaxation with coffee, active at the offices and classrooms. The interior design thus contributes to reducing the scale of the building to a human size. The addition of color, material and texture in a limited and modest palette makes the building recognizable and unique.

The building is a good example of how we like to see a design assignment: a whole with no separation between exterior and interior and a result of direct intensive contact with client and users. The process in which a professional client with high quality requirements and great perseverance was leading, has resulted in a beautiful building that we are proud of.

- Project Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University, Utrecht

More information: Hans Toornstra, Rodi van der Horst