April 2017 - Living together

Transformation Matrix TU/e

The campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is always developing, just like its research and education. The Matrix building, originally a 'hall for non-stackable research functions', is one of the buildings from the first building phase (1957-1965) of the original campus of architect Van Embden. The TU/e campus is characterized by a system of walkways that unlock and connect the buildings on the first floor; in the philosophy of Van Embden an important binding and social and spatial element. The Matrix building takes a special position as a dynamic hub in between the larger buildings. 

Due to changes in time, Matrix has lost its clear functional and spatial layout. With the arrival of the Equipment & Prototype Center (EPC) and TU/e Innovation Space (TIS) in combination with the existing research setup for process technology of the Faculty of Chemistry, the possibility arises to give Matrix a special position again. The original transparent character can be made visible again. 

Aron Bogers, architect-partner at Inbo, together with TU/e and its users designs the transformation of the building into a new, inspiring place where future engineers collaborate on innovative solutions for contemporary issues. Matrix will once again become a self-evident place on the Campus, with an address directly to the Groene Loper (central green axis), where fundamental knowledge and research can be made visible in practice. An open and welcoming environment, centrally located between the buildings Metaforum, Chemistry and Vertigo, where the dynamics of innovation and the ambition of all students and employees are visible and tactile, also for all visitors and passers-by.                                                                                 

Research into innovative technologies demands customization and creativity. The EPC makes custom-made arrangements and prototypes for research in a range of research areas that may be seen. The building gets a new high-quality working place on Matrix's ground floor, next to the research setup of the Faculty of Chemistry. A central showroom and joint workshop spaces around a new vide in the entrance hall form the functional and spatial connection to the first floor, where TIS gets its new place. Matrix will become THE prototyping building of the TU/e Campus. 

More information: Aron Bogers, Pieter Keijzer, Bart van Berlo, Sonja Rijlaarsdam