April 2017 - Living together

Winner Leidsche Rijn selection

Our design of 90 homes in a sturdy stepped volume was chosen by the city of Utrecht as the best design for a residential block in the centre of Leidsche Rijn. With the development and realization of the contemporary building, for the time being called ‘Plot 3.5', we offer an innovative and sustainable residential concept with a very high comfort standard. The beautiful, green and sustainable building will attract people from both inside and outside the city and will with its residents give a positive boost to the liveliness and urbanity of this special place. 

The design responds to the special location in between Terwijde and Het Zand: it forms a marking on the northern city axis. The volume makes a gradual transition from the big urban scale to the world of green, water and playing children. With its stepped form, it connects the urban character of the area around the station with the smaller and friendly scale of the buildings around the Carel Willinkstraat. In the building different types of houses have been made. From double working houses at the street to penthouses with huge roof terraces. All designed in a nice warm-yellow brick architecture. In short: living only two stops away from Utrecht-Centrum in an oasis of calmness, green and water. 

The submission is a collaboration between BPD (developer), Van Grunsven (contractor), Minosch (sustainability), Erwin Stam (landscape) and Inbo. The new construction project is a mix of city houses, apartments and penthouses with spacious outdoor spaces. 

More information: Bert van Breugel, Frank Zewald