April 2017 - Living together

Living together

In the extensive article in the AD (Dutch newspaper) devoted to our CPO project Geworteld Wonen, the writer mainly focuses on the way people live together in this new neighbourhood, in their own home. All residents think that they live in the most beautiful house, which is also because they share a lot with their neighbours, starting with the communal vegetable gardens. It has become an important part of our design process to think about the community we create just as much as of the houses we build. And of course, such a community can only be built with the residents together. 

The techniques we use for that are changing quickly. Virtual reality and the self-driving car are just the first examples of this. That makes it even more urgent to think about the way we will live in the buildings that we are currently designing. What will ‘being at home’ mean in the future? Will we still think that a good neighbour is worth more than a far friend? 

We would like to exchange thoughts about that during our 5th Overburenborrel (drinks with the neighbours), during the Provada, on May 30th at 17.00. Will we see you on our terrace? Please let us know via event@inbo.com 

With kind regards,
Tako Postma and Bert van Breugel