April 2017 - Living together

Little C has good viewing ratings

The film about Little C at Coolhaven in Rotterdam was presented at the Rotterdam housing fair. The interest in the New York style lofts was so great that the booth was almost too small to accommodate all guests. 

At the location on the G.J. The Jonghweg it is difficult to imagine what the plan will eventually look like. In many ways interested people could get an impression of how unique the new neighbourhood will be at the Coolhaven: when watching the movie you experience the 15 warehouse-like buildings in the new park at the water, and with a VR headset on you are able to walk through the different lofts. Even the booth was built as a prototype of a loft. All amazingly realistic. 

And that appeals: by now almost 5,000 people are following Little C on social media. People still need some patience though. In June 2017 we will apply for the building permit. In October 2017 sales will start and by mid-2020 Coolhaven will be completed. 

Little C is a development of EraContour and JP van Eesteren and a design of CULD and Inbo. 

More information: Bert van BreugelMarc Smolders