April 2017 - Living together

Geworteld Wonen inhabited

The residents of the first phase have moved to their new home, the (vegetable)gardens are being constructed, and also the first pole of the last building was struck; Geworteld Wonen (rooted living) in Rijswijk Buiten gets its shape. The adventure that the residents started together has now become reality. 

Living on an estate in the busy Randstad, with a hectare of land, where you can grow your own vegetables and fruit together with the other residents. That is what Geworteld Wonen is: green, healthy, enterprising, sustainable and fun. Colleague Miguel Kerkstra recently took a look and spoke to a number of (future) residents. A resident says: "Four years ago, I noticed the project of Geworteld Wonen and felt like: yes, this is awesome! What I am most proud of is that we have started together with nothing and eventually the apartment building is being built now, so the circle is closed."

Every resident thinks it is fantastic and has chosen the most beautiful place and the most beautiful house for him or herselve. "I think every home that is built here is entirely to the wish of the one who bought it." And the people already start to think as a community: "Why should every individual person buy a lawn mower while you can also buy one good one all together?" 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan