April 2017 - Living together

Dunantbuurt revealed from scaffolding

For housing corporation De Alliantie project architects Tako Postma and Jop Alberts designed the 240 dwellings that form the third phase of the Staalmanpleinbuurt. 

It was about 10 years ago that colleague Guido Wallagh led the residents participation, leading to a general agreement of residents on a profound renewal of the neighbourhood. In the area a new park has been constructed and almost 70% of the houses have been demolished and newly built. The third phase is the last construction phase, on the south side of the neighbourhood, between the Dunantstraat and the water along the Aletta Jacobslaan. 

The architects thought out a clever urban plan, replacing the original building stamp by a new repetitive combination of apartments and single-family houses. In the new blocks the parking has been solved at the back of the houses, allowing space for wide plantations between the apartments and the water. The Dunantstraat will get buildings that consists of high family homes and apartment buildings. 

All houses are being constructed in the same architectural style, characterized by a big terra-coloured mass, with recurring square subjects. The brickwork of the grey squares will get stones with a special cavity, which together form a smaller square pattern in the façade. The houses on the south side along the water will have an elevated front yard, providing privacy to its residents, and bringing a new vivid appearance from the street. 

More information: Tako Postma, Jop Alberts