April 2017 - Living together

900Mahler: more than just living

That 900Mahler is appreciated by its residents we already knew. It is nice to see that because of the successful plinth also people who work and live in the Zuidas enjoy the building. With the Gustav Gym and Restaurant The Barn Food, the building creates space for meeting that fits the Zuidas and belongs to a building with a metropolitan appearance.

And a metropolitan appearance it has. For example the way you enter: via a luxurious designed entrance hall, which is unprecedented in the Netherlands. The jury president of the Zuiderkerk Price recently called the building ‘Trump Tower’, which we consider as a grand nickname and a big compliment (and this is clearly separate from our opinion about the president of the USA). 

The housing quality is metropolitan as well, with the services that belong to it. There is for example a porter, James, who makes sure that that everything works and who takes care of receiving packages, washing cars and organizing events. Thus the 900Mahler residents can ultimately enjoy the fun side of life. 

More information: Rik Bakker