April 2016 - Under construction

Housing takes a flight

Everywhere in the Netherlands new housing projects are being built. Projects that have been delayed for years are dusted off and built. Such as Park Drieënhuizen in Vlaardingen, where after 12 years of planning the construction of a combined residential and care complex started. Developer and contractor Boele & Van Eesteren builds three residential buildings on this site with a collective facilities plinth. 

In the atmospheric neighborhood Hunnerberg in Nijmegen-East the construction of Parc Margriet is in full process. In this plan, a project of Klok Bouw Ontwikkeling, luxury apartments and stately mansions will have a special place in a beautiful park. The new buildings at the edges of the park in terms of appearance connect to the wealth of the nineteenth-century homes in the area. 

Along the Maas river in Rotterdam the first phase of Hefkwartier is being built. Fine family homes between De Hef and the Unilever headquarters. Soon also the sales of the apartments on the Maas quay will start.

After an intensive and fun participation process with future tenants, the construction of the 400 apartments of Space-S at Strijp S in Eindhoven is now in full progress. Thanks to the combined engineering and planning by the joint construction office of Stam + De Koning and Inbo, constrution runs smoothly. Residents now think about the names they want to give the seven buildings. 

The focus of our housing projects under construction, however, is in Amsterdam. In Oostpoort the contours of the characteristic bent facades that offer the homes a special experience start to appear. The apartment block on the Zeeburgerdijk took his inspiration from the architecture of the 20s to 40s, characteristic for the surrounding area and determining for the identity of this part of Amsterdam. "It feels as if the building has always been there," as one visitor said. 

On Zeeburgereiland, the two buildings that together form block 9 appear from the scaffolding, with beautiful curving balconies of white expanded metal. In the CAN area in Amsterdam North two-colored apartment buildings for the middle expensive rent are being built. And in New West the 240 homes of the Dunant Neighborhood now rapidly appear above ground. More information about our designs for IJburg and Amstelkwartier is coming soon. 

More information: Jacques Prins, Aron Bogers, Tako Postma