April 2016 - Under construction

Flag on top at ‘Geworteld wonen’

On Friday the 22nd of April together with the future residents and contractor Dura Vermeer we celebrated the highest point of the first construction phase of the CPO (Collective Private Commissioning) project ‘Geworteld Wonen’. This summer seventeen households will move into their new homes. With shivering knees future residents Natalie and René planted the national flag on the top of their house. 

Nearly four years ago we launched our initiative for the living and gardening project in the sustainable new neighborhood Rijswijk Buiten. Inspired by the rich history of the place, where living and growing food has always been closely linked, we presented our first ideas to realize a twenty-first century country seat based on CPO. 

From the meetings and personal interviews with the first interested people who showed their commitment, we worked on a design with a mixture of 27 dwellings - the Court- and Farm Houses - and 20 apartments, housed in the Main House. In addition to their individual plot with garden the residents will share about 8500m2 of land for gardening. A collective barn will provide storage for gardening tools.                                                                                                         

Meanwhile, the second phase also sold out: construction of these next 10 houses will start before the summer holidays. The sale of the twenty apartments and penthouses in the Main House was launched recently. There are still some nice apartments and penthouses available. Construction of the Main House is expected to start this autumn. 

Thus another two highest points will follow for Geworteld Wonen. With both feet in the mud, we also hope to soon witness the creation of the garden design that connects the different project phases and its residents in this special CPO project. 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan, Mark Bollen