April 2016 - Under construction

High-rise Foundation visits Zuidas

On April 19 Rik Bakker and Bert van Breugel led around a large group of the High-rise Foundation (Stichting Hoogbouw) in the residential towers Intermezzo and 900Mahler that are currently under construction on the Amsterdam Zuidas. Both the architects and the buildings received much appreciation and enthusiastic responses.                                                                                       

Due to the increase of special residential buildings like 900Mahler and Intermezzo, the Zuidas in recent years is undergoing an identity change, explained Robert Dijckmeester of the Dienst Zuidas in his introduction. The Zuidas is rapidly changing from office area into a mixed urban area with a healthy mixture of offices, residential buildings and public functions. 

The construction of Intermezzo has advanced to the 10th of in total 23 floors, and already looks impressive. Architect Bert van Breugel talked about the stately urban facade on the side of the Mahlerlaan and the spacious living terraces on the south side. 

Residential tower 900Mahler has reached peak height and is being completed. Architect Rik Bakker took the group to the 500m2 penthouse on the 21st and 22nd floor, where the first contours are visible of the 15m long swimming pool with a glass bottom. 

The day ended with an inspiring story by Ton Schaap, supervisor of the Zuid-as, about the history and future of urban development on the Zuidas. 

Intermezzo is a development of Royaal Zuid vof, a partnership of BPD Development, ERA Contour and Eigen Haard. 900Mahler is developed by G&S Real Estate and built by Boele & Van Eesteren. Completion of 900Mahler is scheduled for July 2016, Intermezzo will be completed in 2017.

More information: Rik Bakker, Bert van Breugel