April 2016 - Under construction

International interest in ING

Inspired by companies like Spotify, Google, Netflix and Zappos.com ING has embraced Agile working. A flexible way of working, that requires a flexible building concept. The Acanthus office in Amsterdam Southeast was therefore transformed into a dynamic work environment and receives wide attention both nationally and internationally. Several international companies and banks like to see how the new interior design facilitates changes in the organization and strengthens it. 

The new experience starts immediately upon entering. A heavy load-bearing concrete wall gave way to an impressive brace construction and a wide, inviting staircase. Seats on plateaus next to the stairs provide space for formal and informal meetings. The specially designed interior elements for the Agile work methodology are used immediately in a self-explanatory manner. 

The office floors are connected by new voids and staircases. Around these meeting places relaxed 'living rooms' for the various teams were placed to encourage relaxation and informal meetings. The new vertical connections bring more dynamics into the building. You can feel the new energy it gives to employees. 

Seeing is believing; have a 360 degrees look around the new ING environment at the YouTube app, with or without virtual reality glasses: https://youtu.be/8Y8GLyCWAv8 

With the new work environment ING wants to be on the forefront of new developments in the banking sector and the changing needs of customers and employees it goes hand in hand with. The design of the new work environment at the Acanthus building is a joint project of Inbo and Fokkema & Partners. 

More information: Jacques Prins, Wilco van Gils, Rodi van der Horst, Peter Mantel