April 2016 - Under construction

Circular interior for Enexis

A monumental 50kV station in Den Bosch is being transformed into an innovation center for energy provider Enexis: LAB.073. In this new inspiring meeting space LAB.073 everyone who wants to think about the (spatial) impact of energy transition is welcome. Enexis thus actively promotes the preservation and innovation of the energy-landscape in the Netherlands. 

From the thoughts on circular design, we made a design that re-uses materials as much as possible. Using the robust quality and characteristic structure of the building we create a new look and feel with simple interventions, a look that fits to the creative innovation that Enexis seeks. 

LAB.073 will have a meeting café as entrance area surrounded with workshop spaces, DIY and exhibition spaces and deeper into the building rooms for project teams and concentrated work. Together with Aron Bogers designer in training Nina van Osta developed the concept and the building blocks: “In interactive workshops with Enexis employees, we investigated what rules were given to the new environment. From there we could determine the spatial components that best met these rules.” 

After approval of the concept interior designers Rodi van der Horst and Vicki van de Pavert together with the contractor got to work with a hands-on approach. Vicki: ”While developing the plan, we truly discovered the qualities of the building. The sheer beauty of it was pretty clogged over the years. With minimal interventions we connect the individual parts of the building and show the original architectural qualities again.” 

The interior design consists largely of recycled furniture from Enexis and 2nd hand purchased interior elements. The installations are placed in plain sight and therefore easy to adapt to changing needs of users. In the former maintenance hall we have designed a large, wheeled stand with integrated storage that can also be moved outside, on the old track that was once used to bring heavy transformer parts into the workshop. 

LAB.073 is almost ready to be discovered, the official opening is scheduled for early June.  

More information: Aron Bogers, Rodi van der Horst, Nina van Osta, Vicki van der Pavert