Visitor center DNB

Visitor center DNB

In the Amsterdam city centre the new facade of the visitor enter of The Nederlandse Bank becomes visible. The extra deep bronze coloured window-frames add a special and fitting rhythm to the building.

The building dates back to the seventies and acquires a new use, together with new installations and a new façade. Hereby the building becomes practically energy neutral.

Because of its vertical articulation the façade fits beautifully to the pattern of the Amsterdam houses. The wide and narrow windows give away a hint of what is happening in the spaces behind. From fall onward the visitor’s centre of DNB will be opened at the lower floors. The upper floors accommodate an office department, which has been designed for working optimally in an activity bound way.  Vides have been cut into the existing frame and will soon be filled with trees, reaching into several floors.

The new façade has been constructed out of bronze coloured anodised aluminium profiles that stand out by their depth and width.  Passers-by can see the profiles change colour under the influence of (sun-) light.

Contractor De Nijs is now working on the final details. The exterior and interior of the building will be completed right after the summer. So you don’t have to bother taking a peek over the fence; in a few months the building will be open for public. 

More information: Tako Postma, Maarten Hooijmeijer