Stadsbaken Spui-Lamgroen completed

Stadsbaken Spui-Lamgroen completed

The residential tower Stadsbaken Spui-Lamgroen is a beacon at the beginning of the Spui, the historical entrance to the inner-city of The Hague. The context, the target group as well as the era called for a functional and efficient building that offers a first-rate and affordable living quality at this city centre location.

The fifty meter high tower perfectly fits into its surroundings. The design of the tower is omnidirectional, with a striking parabolic top. It’s an asset to the city silhouette.

After almost four years of designing, elaborating and construction constructor and developer Boele & Van Eesteren will complete this tower with its sixteen floors in the Rivierenbuurt in The Hague. A great part of the apartments have already been leased by investor Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.

- Project Stadsbaken Spui-Lamgroen 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Saxon-Lear Duckworth