Rodi on Philips Lighting

Rodi on Philips Lighting

With the official opening of the spectacular Light Sculpture the atrium of the Philips Lighting headquarters at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven has become a real beauty. Interior architect Rodi van der Horst is an important member of the international design team that took care of the complete move of Lighting from the ‘Witte Dame’ to the Campus.

“Together with the team – besides Inbo also JHK architects and LAVA – we really pushed the boundaries to create this unique headquarters for Lighting.” The existing building, HTC48, is one of the original laboratory buildings of the famous Philips Natlab. Therefore the foundation was formed by a powerful concrete frame from the sixties. “The patio has been covered and designed as the true heart of the Lighting Community. Here guests from all over the world are welcomed and the most beautiful encounters lead to the best ideas.”

At the atrium Lighting shapes her Brand Identity; it’s is a stage for everything the company has to offer. “Next to temporary showcases, public events and larger gatherings for employees the atrium above all is a meeting point. Here the day starts with a cup of coffee and attention for each other. This works so well, that the capacity of the informal workspaces in the atrium already will be enlarged.”

After the completion and commissioning Rodi can still often be found at the Campus. “Next to designing the buildings, I also work on the overall project ‘A Great Place to Work’, as a key member of the workstream ‘Lighting Identity’.” Previously Rodi already designed the headquarters of Philips Design and Philips Research. Rodi loves designing in this complex, international environment and being part of the active High Tech Campus community. “Public events are being organised frequently. These are the moments I can proudly show my wife and children what I have been working on with great pleasure all those late hours!”

More information: Rodi van der Horst