Rik Bakker appointed partner architect

Rik Bakker appointed partner architect

Rik Bakker describes himself as ‘a real Inbo-architect’. And we heartily agree. We are therefore very happy to announce that Rik was appointed partner architect at Inbo on December 1st 2015.

Rik is a craftsman who is able to bind his clients from the content of his profession. Rik: “Clients ask me as an architect because of the design process, because clients enjoy working with me. During a conversation with a client I can instantly translate their question to a sketch. A sketch these clients can identify themselves with immediately. Even for a social housing project my sketches can create enthusiasm. In my sketches I create a place that you can imagine living in immediately. It happens frequently that such a first sketch ends up in the sales brochure."

This same thing happened to 900Mahler, the New York style apartment building at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, where Rik lifted both himself and Inbo to a higher level. “Initially I was asked to help with the structure of the building. But after my first sketch on what the tower might look like, everyone was sold. The ‘Wow’ factor of the building is high. The building had to look like the sketch and not an inch different. And so it happened, 900Mahler is now being built just like that.”

Rik is a very normal and down to earth kind of guy, who doesn’t make his role as project architect more important than it really is. “It’s not hard for me to give others credit for their ideas. I enjoy translating a client’s idea to a realistic sketch. It remains the client’s idea, but at the same time it goes without saying that I am needed for the realization of the idea. I have an important role in the process without claiming this role beforehand. This also gives me the freedom to say no, if an idea is really not that good.”
How Rik convinces and binds his clients with a sketch is well reflected in the sketch he made for the renovation of a school in Amsterdam. “The school asked us for a solution for the building’s entrance, which is dark and hard to find. From our analysis, it quickly became apparent that the real question was much larger. We therefore made a sketch of a smart new entrance volume, that both solves the entrance problem and improves the routing on the floors. Together with a cost estimation this drawing immediately convinced the school that this was the solution to their problem. By answering an unasked question, I could really help this school. That is why I love this job.”      

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