Inbo wins tender Social Sciences Faculty

Inbo wins tender Social Sciences Faculty

The Radboud University in Nijmegen will build a new, highly sustainable building for the Faculty of Social Sciences. Inbo, Deerns and Croes together won the total engineering tender with a pavilion like building in the park. The European tender for this 25.000 sqm building was one of the most important educational tenders of this year, in which several high ranked offices participated. We are therefore very proud to have won this tender.

The Radboud University chose our design because of the human scale and precise integration of the design in the surrounding landscape. The transparent and lightweight building stands as a pavilion like building in the University campus park. Its shape, the structure of the façade in which two floors are visually merged with the use of two big white frames, and the placement in its context give the 25.000 sqm building a human scale.

And that is exactly what we wanted to accomplish here: small scale and connection between students, researcher, research groups and educational activities. After all, the future university is more than just a server that facilitates studying anytime anywhere. The new building will be a modern and inspiring studying and working environment, with plenty of space to meet and relax. It will be a comfortable place to stay, a place to meet one another, and also a place for quiet and concentrated work. To achieve this, a Grand Café will be situated on the crossing of two important campus paths, creating a central meeting place on each side flanked by the educational floors.

The use of wood will accomplish a warm atmosphere both in- and outside the building. A natural and durable material that most people appreciate as part of their working and living environment. From the building there is wide view on the campus landscape. Next to the view the green on the inside of the building will strengthen the users feeling of a natural working environment.       

The new Faculty of Social Sciences will be the most sustainable building on campus. The building’s roof was designed to generate a maximum of solar energy, combined with an energy saving concept. The ambition to achieve a BREEAM Excellent certification is within hands reach!

- Project Faculty Social Science

More information: Jeroen Simons, Wilco van Oosten