Inbo is growing!

Inbo is growing!

Inbo is growing. We have more projects, especially very nice and big projects. This offers us more growing possibilities for all the people working with us. In this newsletter you can read about some of these people, each with their own specific tasks and responsibilities. In particular areas, in special places, with special tasks. All following their personal talents, combined with the fun of working in teams and colleagues in the network inbo offers.
We are proud to announce that we have appointed Rik Bakker as partner architect. Rik started working as a student and in the last 16 years has found his personal design style. With his beautiful sketches that show the spatial qualities in just one glance, he knows how to bind a big group of clients. Rik is the personification of open communication: he appreciates the value of a good conversation, and knows that listening is an important feature of it. And who does not want to work with a person who sketches while listening and is able to translate this listening in to imagination and words?       

We are also growing in China. Last month we even opened our new office in Shanghai. Together with our new director Asia Mark Dekker we are working on increasing our Chinese network and exciting projects. Aron Bogers, Niels Kranenburg and Shuying Lin will be alternately working in China and the Netherlands. Last week our first project in China, Suzhou opened its doors.

Inbo is looking forward to a new year, in which we predict even more growth. With some special projects completing, including 900Mahler, in which Rik played a key role, and three large faculty buildings. Meanwhile we are working on the new Faculty of Social Sciences in Nijmegen. Once more a beautiful and highly durable building in which meeting space is a key element.
We are excited with new projects that lie in the future, which we like to inform you about in more detail next year.

For now, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a sparkling new beginning!

Yours sincerely,

Bert van Breugel
Tako Postma