Entrance hall Diakonessen hospital completed

Entrance hall Diakonessen hospital completed

The new entrance hall of the Diakonessenhuis, a city hospital in Utrecht, is completed and in full use. The large glass façade and canopy make the entrance easy to find for visitors. Inside the visitors find themselves not in a standard hospital environment but in a friendly open space that provides overview and tranquility, where comfort for patients and their families is key.

The spacious hall, where different users come together, asked for clear interventions in the interior design. Fixed custom furniture is placed in such a way that they provide a natural flow of staff, patients and visitors. With the integration of large fixed elements, such as the soft cubicles and three large trees, we have given the entrance a scale with human dimension to match the Diakonnessenhuis.

The pharmacy placed in the middle of the hall creates a direct link to the care given at the Diakonessenhuis. The surrounding hall is a place for waiting, catering, meeting and emotion. Visitors can make a choice to wait in different spheres; more private or in the middle of the dynamics of the hall. Carefully chosen furniture, color and material form a self-explanatory unity, with warm and natural colors as a base. The high dark closet behind the espresso bar and shop is a real eye-catcher.

The bright, spacious and uncluttered entrance hall now forms the new center point of the City hospital in Utrecht.

More information: Hans Toornstra, Pieter Keijzer, Rodi van der Horst