Campus Ascendas Suzhou opened

Campus Ascendas Suzhou opened

After three years of pioneering our first large project in China opened. With a big celebration the campus opened, powered by the 20th anniversary of the client, the Singapore’s developer Ascendas.
The public spaces at the campus of Ascendas in Suzhou have given the campus a special identity. Architect Niels Kranenburg explains: “By linking activity and identity to the ‘Ascendas Walk’, the physical connection between the different buildings, we have created a dynamic meeting place, where people can escape from their working environment for a little while. At the same time they express the Ascendas Brand: Space to be. It is great to experience the spatial qualities we envisioned during our design process."        

“While working in China you will have to draw up on your perseverance and flexibility. It is sometimes comparable with a children’s book. The dynamics, the speed, the endless possibilities and exciting opportunities. Travelling the country by high-speed train, meanwhile preparing a presentation for the government ‘officials’, then on to the next great opportunity. These are the things you remember.”

Next to his design projects in China and the Netherlands Niels also works on a large laboratory building in Belgium. “I probably have the most flexible workspace within Inbo. This is great fun. Working from different places in different teams costs energy, but at the same time it gives me a lot of energy. Embarking on an adventure together and being successful together. The Suzhou campus is a good example of a result of a successful collaboration within an enthusiastic and international team.”   

The scale of the plans outside the Netherlands make Niels long for more. “Large and complicated is a good thing”, he says. “I get my energy from simplifying large and complex assignments. The projects in China have a magnitude that we do not often encounter in the Netherlands. My ambition is to design a plan with a height of 200 meters (or more) or over 200.000 sqm GFA. It does not matter where, as long as it is designed together with an enthusiastic team.”   
- Project Ascendas Campus, Suzhou, China

More information: Niels Kranenburg