VR as design tool

The user requirements in VR perspective


Inbo increasingly often uses Virtual Reality (VR) as a design tool and medium for presentations. Each of our establishments has a VR space. Skye Meyer (architect) and Robert Geutjes (engineer) take the stage.

Skye: With VR, designing becomes even more fun, because it offers so many advantages. The most important one is that both the designer and client can get a feel of the space. It is an accurate and unequivocal medium. Through VR glasses, the client can focus 100% on the design. They can provide feedback, which helps in the design process.

Robert: In the implementation, we often have to make choices concerning the feasibility, usability, legislation, budget etc. With VR, we can see whether the architect’s vision remains intact. And if it turns out something does not quite fit or disappoints, it can be adjusted in the design immediately. We once decided that the use of columns would be a better choice than a structural façade based on VR.

VR allows us to put ourselves in the end user’s shoes. Would I be willing to live in this apartment? It helps to properly manage expectations.

It does take quite some time to model everything, but the VR process eventually saves a lot of time.

Projects that we design using VR: De Meester, Wonderwoods, Kamp Amersfoort, Victoria Towers, Trudo Tower, Wormerveer Zeeheldenbuurt, Town Hall in Son and Breugel and Kijkduin

Further information: Skye Meyer, Robert Geutjes

Announcement: Inbo will host the VR networking event organized by Architectenweb, Wednesday 25th of September. Follow this link for more information.