Tako: a new step


After more than 30 years, of which 10 years as a director, Tako Postma will leave Inbo to devote himself to his personal fascinations. We regret this decision of course, but we are proud of Tako and very grateful for his important contributions to the development of Inbo as a leading agency. We are therefore pleased that Tako will continue to be associated with Inbo as a consultant. 

From sidewalk to city
Tako's projects show his passion for the city and its residents. Tako works at every possible scale and is personally committed to creating a better living environment for (vulnerable) residents. Good examples of this interest can be seen in current projects such as Oostpoort plot 3 in Amsterdam-Oost, Het Schouw in Amsterdam-Noord and De Lofts in Amstelkwartier, which we talk about extensively in this newsletter. The theme "from sidewalk to city" is also leading in the Dunantbuurt in Amsterdam-West. Tako has won the competition for this urban renewal project with a smart design for a highly urban environment with a lot of space for greenery and a mix of homes for all population groups. The façades with a tight rhythm of brickwork surfaces illustrate Tako's talent to create a powerful and elegant design with subtle means. This is also reflected in the De Nederlandsche Bank visitor centre on the Sarphatistraat, where Tako has transformed a concrete colossus into an elegant, transparent building with a warm and homely interior. 

Inspiring colleague
During his time at Inbo, Tako stood out for his clear vision of our profession and our agency. He combines a solid position with a sensitive remark, sharpness with humour, but above all personal ambition with the power of collaboration. Whether he has to deal with clients, local residents or colleagues, Tako is passionate about his opinions and in his approach, but always creates space for the development of talent around him, also in China and in the welfare committee. That makes Tako an inspiring example for many inside and outside Inbo, a great colleague and a friend. 

Tako, we will miss you enormously. We wish you the best for the future and we are sure that we will keep in contact for work and as friends. 

Warm greetings on behalf of all Inbo colleagues,
Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik, Aron Bogers