Start engineering Grotiusplaats

Residential towers will enrich The Hague’s skyline


The Grotiusplaats in The Hague will finally get a new purpose after being uncultivated for 25 years. Developer Provast joined hands with aldermen Joris Wijsmuller and Boudewijn Revis and will realize an attractive new and diverse living environment. Grotius I and II form the starting point of the complete makeover of the area east of the Central Station, including the partial covering of the Utrechtsebaan and the extension of the pedestrian route towards Bezuidenhout. 

The residential towers on the Grotiusplaats, located between the Utrechtsebaan and the Central Station, are designed by Winy Maas of MVRDV. With their height of 100 and 120 meters they will become icons of The Hague’s skyline. Wilco van Gils, partner-project manager at Inbo, advised MVRDV and Provast in the preliminary draft phase about the construction, detailing and functionality of the buildings. From May we will start in a coordinating role with the engineering in BIM. 

The whimsical shape of the crown of both residential towers leads to a large variety of floor plans and roof terraces. Making good and effective housing plans for the more than 500 apartments is thus challenging for us in tuning installations (shafts) and fitting a continuous structure. The shape of the building also makes the engineering of the facade complex. It is this complexity that makes the project fun and interesting for us, as this enables us to really show our added value in engineering and coordination. 

Provast will most probably start construction in the beginning of 2018. 

More information: Wilco van GilsRien van Egdom